Gecko Tamarind Tree Super Tenor Ukulele - Sold/Hale Ukulele

Going to Hale Ukulele today is this new Gecko Tamarind Tree Super Tenor Ukulele.

gecko tamarind tree super tenor ukulele

Red/maroon heart wood and grey colored Tamarind Wood.

I’ve been sitting on this unusual set of Tamarind Wood for a couple of years, but I didn’t really have a top that I thought would go well with all that grey coloration until I found Denim Spruce.

Tamarind wood is not an endangered species of wood and is widely cultivated worldwide even here in the southern states.  While the red/maroon heart wood is hard and dense the sap wood is not and is easily attacked by insects and spalts easily like Mango Wood.

gecko tamarind tree super tenor ukulele

Denim Sitka matches the grey colors in this Tamarind Wood.

The Alaska Denim Spruce from Alaska Specialty Woods is another addition to my build arsenal.  This wood is salvage from under house boats and is discolored by metal hardware holding the logs together.  This is float Sitka Spruce and is highly prized by guitar builders for its musical properties.

A spalted Tamarind Wood neck works pretty well.

geck tamarind wood super tenor ukulele

Spalted Tamarind Wood neck.

I am using fuchsia/black accents for this ukulele, a matching Amazon Rosewood fret board and bridge and Sindora Burl accent woods.

Super tight grain Denim Spruce sound board with fuchsia/black accents.

There is a gecko inlay on the head stock of white mother of pearl and paua abalone along with black Gotoh tuners and Romero low “G” strings.

The Tamarind Wood is a little more dense than most of the woods that I use with the exception of ebony but it really projects well especially with that low density salvage Denim Spruce Soundboard.

Another one-of-a-kind for your collection is this Gecko Tamarind Tree Super Tenor Ukulele.