Every Note A Love Song - Custom Build

Delivered last weekend is this new Tenor Ukulele–Every Note A Love Song.

every note a love song

Pier piling fir sound board.

This is the tribute ukulele for the family of the individual who was responsible for the salvage of the pier piling fir from the Navy Base in San Diego.  Rather than destroy this wood or use it as landfill, it was re-purposed into many useful and meaningful projects.   The woods in this instrument are by request.

The Sound Board–Pier Piling Douglas Fir.

every note a love song

Dark, 100 year old fir sound board and bright turquoise accents.

The Back and Sides–Mexican Granadillo.  This wood is a true rosewood and is no longer being imported into the US.  Although it is usually straight grained, I was able to find this figured piece at Tropical Hardwoods in Carlsbad.  And luckily, it has a bit of sap wood for additional accent.

every note a love song

Figured Mexican Granadillo back and sides.

The Fret Board–West African Ebony Species.  I was asked to write “Every Note A Love Song” somewhere on the instrument.  Taking it a bit further I decided a laser cut on the fret board filled with Turquoise Glitter to match the turquoise accents on the body of the instrument might be the answer.  I think it works and it glitters just the right amount.

every note a love song

Custom laser cut fret board inlay with turquoise glitter fill.

The Head Stock Inlay–Star flowers in white mother-of-pearl and Paua abalone.

every note a love song

Star flower head stock inlay.

The Accent Wood and Rosette are Asian Satin Wood Burl.

The Binding is India Rosewood with turquoise/black fiber accents.

A Honduran Mahogany neck, black Gotoh Tuners, and Romero flourocarbon strings finish the build.

May every note played be a love song.  Mele Kalikimaka.