Last Ukulele 2020 - Custom Build

Happy New Year Y’all!  Here is the Last Ukulele 2020–well, not the last build but the last completed instrument of the year.  It is a concert sized uke with a standard concert scale, a standard depth and volume custom build for a special guy.

last ukulele 2020

African Black Limba.

This is a Christmas present for a young player. After seeing the size of this players hands I decided a the standard concert with a standard scale (not tenor scale as I am doing now) would be the best option for him.

last ukulele 2020

Nice blacks and brown’s and a zipper back strip.

The body is made of African Black Limba.  Limba is a pretty cool ukulele wood with a moderate density.  It’s a little porous, but then again, so are some of the finer rosewoods.  The wood sports a variety of appearances and colors from blond to almost totally black and from straight grain to curly.  It also has surprising chatoyance.

last ukulele 2020

Limba has surprising chatoyance.

I glitzed it up a tad with some abalone purfling.

last ukulele 2020

A little abalone glitz.

I also added the new owner’s initials to the head stock.  Believe it or not, this is a standard inlay from DePaul Supply.

last ukulele 2020

The new owners Initials in abalone and mother of pearl.

I also used India Rosewood binding, Honduran Mahogany for the neck, and accents of Hawaiian Mango.

I’d put the sound of Limba somewhere between Mango and Koa.  With a smaller neck and a shorter scale this instrument makes for easier playing with a bright ukulele sound–even with the Romero Low “G” strings.

Merry Christmas Mr. H.  You got the Last Ukulele 2020.