Oregon Myrtle Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

When ya gotta have an Oregon Myrtle Tenor Ukulele this is a look that you might want to consider.

oregon myrtle tenor ukulele

Subtle grey Alaskan Denim Spruce sound board.

This is my second cut-a-way super tenor this year.  I’m still working on construction ideas but think that I think this design will remain unchanged for the present.  I changed from the soft and spanish style and bevel cut-a-way in favor of the florentine design.  They all have their construction issues for sure.

oregon myrtle tenor ukulele

My second florentine cut-a-way this year.

The woods for this build are all domestic:  The body is constructed with a unique, figured Oregon Myrtle–kinda burly, compression curl with some cool branch-like knots.  I have about 5 sets of this type of look in Myrtle with no two alike in appearance.

oregon myrtle tenor ukulele

Now this is what I like about Myrtle Wood.

The top is a very striking piece of float, “denim” Sitka Spruce from Alaska.  I think that I’ve told you about this before. It is salvage from houseboats.  Where the metal fittings are, over time, the wood is stained by oxidation of the metals giving it a grey or maybe blue appearance.  This is a “water world” wood, and like “sinker” woods it is of low density.  The advantage is that these woods retain their strength and with reduced density become more responsive tonally.  This piece is more beige than grey and is a perfect and unique match for that myrtle.

oregon myrtle tenor ukulele

Mytle rosette with fuchsia/black purfling accents.

The neck is Port Orford Cedar.  Light and strong this matched in color the golds of the myrtle back and sides.

I went all the way with Myrtle for the accents as well–sound hole rosette, lower bout graft and neck heal and backstrap.

oregon myrtle tenor ukulele

Backstraps are a standard on all my builds.


India Rosewood (not domestic) binding with fuchsia/black purfling, Ebony species fret board and bridge, black Gotoh tuners, Romero/La Bella flourocarbon with wound “low”G, and a Crossrock case complete the build.

oregon myrtle tenor ukulele

Looks good with blue!

Just having fun with this Oregon Myrtle Tenor Ukulele.