The Whole Enchilada

Another curly, spalted maple uke but with a Sitka sound board.  I used a vintage style back strip and rope purfling to accent.   The client also wanted  the asymmetric sound hole with side concert sound hole.   Additionally,  he  selected a figured Bubinga and radiused finger board.   I put LMI’s “evo” gold frets on the fingerboard and Gotoh’s newest tuners in gold to match on the head stock.  The frets are solid and gold colored and do not contain any nickel.  The binding is matching figured Bubinga and the accents are Queensland eucalyptus burl.   I also matched a curly Maple neck to the body.  This is one of the smoothest and most comfortable necks–fretboard combinations that I have made to date and I am most excited about this effort.  To be honest, my photography sucks,although I’m getting better–the true color of the abalone inlay on the headstock does not come through on the photo–I think that you might get the idea though.  This is the last of this wood that I have on stock, but I have just made new wood contacts in Oregon and have put the look-out for more.  The tone is bright and articulate.  Ouch!