Oh Myrtle!

Here’s one of my favorite alternative woods–Oregon Myrtle.  This is a decent tonewood, often used by Breedlove Guitars.  I was lucky to score on some “odd” pieces that matched enough for a complete instrument.  I haven’t had a source for Myrtle for years.  Here’s a few pics of the most recently finished instrument:  Myrtle all around, marbled Oregon Black Walnut neck, Macassar ebony fretboard and bridge, East India Rosewood binding, Indonesian Maidou burl accents, Gotoh 4::1’s.   I have strung the instrument with PHD’s with a wound low “G”.  I found the sound to be a bit brighter than the last instrument posted using Black Walnut and Koa.  This new ukulele does not have an owner yet.  Want a date?