new Koa Tenor

Hot off the press, here’s a new Koa tenor uke.  I can’t resist wood with sap wood.  This Koa is not perfectly quartered–thus the odd curl/figure.  The back features a laser cut petroglyph back strip.   This instrument features x-bracing with asymmetric sound hole and side concert sound hole.  Binding is East India Rosewood with Blue herringbone purfling (this is a one-of-a-kind purfling and I only have enough for one other instrument–no more).  I put a set of La Bella Tenor Ukulele Strings on this instrument.  The diameter of the strings is similar to the New Nylgut Aquila with the exception of the “C” string which is about 2/1000 inch larger.  This string gives a lot of punch without using a metal wound string.  This instrument is available for sale, give me a call.