How many sound holes: Part 2

Okay, there is no empirical data that supports the design of the modern ukulele or guitar–especially when it comes to sound hole placement, or number of sound holes.  So do you prefer traditional design are can you live with some of the alternative instrument designs?  I have listened to both and am unable to determine from a listeners point of view if you can tell the difference–BUT,   and I think this is a a big point,  all of my clients or testers immediate response when playing these instruments is a definitive “whow, you can really hear the instrument”.  The sound is if you were listening directly in front of the player.  So, I am guessing, that from a players standpoint there is a difference.  I have found this true regardless of sound hole placement (traditional center or asymmetric) on the sound board.

I know that when I sand these instruments the sound and air passes through the instrument in a more responsive fashion than with just one sound hole in the traditional placement–this goes for both the side, concert sound hole design, and the double “puka” design.

Go figure!