Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

I’m not quite out of “the tree” wood as yet.  Here’s another Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele.

Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele

Gotta love that bearclaw spruce soundboard.

It’s all about the wood.

Body“The Tree” Honduran Mahogany.  This is a one piece back.  If you can’t get the book match then I think this will do the trick.  Plenty of tortoise figure here.  Sides are a composite of solid “Tree” and quarter sawn Honduran for added stability.   Super tenor shape.

Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele

A one piece “the tree” back as good as a two piece.

Sound BoardAlaskan bearclaw Sitka spruce.  Most of this wood from Alaska Specialty Woods is reclaimed.  Just in case you were wondering.

Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele

Medium grained Alaskan bearclaw spruce sound board.

Binding:  Blond Hawaiian curly Koa with maple/black fiber purfling.

NeckHonduran Mahogany but with a curly honduran and “Tree” lamination.  Carbon fiber truss rod of course.

Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele

Multi-laminate Honduran neck.

Accent Woods:  A combination of Australian Brown Mallee Burl and “Tree”.

Finger Board and BridgeBrazilian Rosewood.  Radiused to 16″ with gold “evo” frets.

Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele

Brazilian finger board and bridge.

The Rest of the build.

Head Stock Face:  Brown Mallee burl, “Tree” and black epoxy.

Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele

Burl and “Tree” head stock lamination.

Fret Markers: Gold MOP and maple.

Nut and Saddle:  Brown stained unbleached bone.

Tuners:  black Gotoh UPT.

Amplification:  Mi-Si.

CaseCrossrock fiberglass.

StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”.

Bearclaw Spruce and Tree Ukulele

Crossrock comfort.


The client was hoping for warmth.  I think I’ve hit the nail on this one.  Redwood would have been a little brighter, cedar maybe a little too warmish, but this medium wide-grain Sitka is  similar to Engleman in tonality and, I think, fits the bill.  This is my 5th “Tree” ukulele.  They have all been a bit different in tonality but have all been built with different tops and body sizes.  No complaints about a Bearclaw and Tree Ukulele–fun and more fun.