Blond Double Puka Ukulele - Sold

I just got strings on this Blond Double Puka Ukulele.

Blond Double Puka Ukulele

Double puka no ka oi.

The Woods

Body:  curly, blond Koa.  Gotta love this look in Koa.  I don’t find much “blond” for sure and it is my favorite koa color.

Binding:  curly Hawaiian Mango with maple/black accents.

Blond Double Puka Ukulele

Curly Hawaiian mango binding and accent woods.

Accent woods:  curly Hawaiian Mango.

Neck:  Honduran mahogany with carbon tone bar reinforcement.

Blond Double Puka Ukulele

Honduran mahogany neck is a good match with the blond koa.

Fret Board and Bridge:   Brazilian rosewood.  Why not?

Blond Double Puka Ukulele

Brazilian rosewood fret board and bridge.

The Rest of the Build

Rosette: Green Paua Abalone–not that blue but with more greens and reds.

Nut and Saddle:  unbleached bone.

Strings:  Pepe Romero flourocarbon with brass wound low ” G”.

Case:  Crossrock fiberglass in deep sea blue.

Blond Double Puka Ukulele

Cozy in a deep blue Crossrock fiberglass.

Tuners:  Gotoh Upt in black. I’m still working out this asymmetric placement on the narrow head stock.  I think I may continue this for the present even with guitar-style tuners.


I love these double puka instruments. I plan on keeping one in the works at all times.  The plan works very well with this super tenor plan.  Although I have  a side, sound port on this particular instrument my future builds will be more traditional with just the double sound holes on the sound board.  I’m not sure the side port is a necessity with the double puka placement.

The idea here is to increase the active sound board area by moving the sound holes up to the furthest possible position on the instrument.  I’ve done a number of ukes with this configuration and I believe it is a worthy concept.  And, to me, it looks very traditional.   Thanks to Steven Grimes and Nahenahe Ukuleles for this idea.

No complaints about the sound and the action is super low.

Hawaiian and cool is this Blond Double Puka Ukulele.