Guam and Mango Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

This is the Guam and Mango Ukulele.

Guam and Mango Ukulele

Laser cut pictograph in Hawaiian mango wood.

The Theme

It’s a Guam thing.  The headstock and fretboard inlays and laser cut pictograph are definitely important to this new owner.  Yes he is from Guam.

The Woods

BodyHawaiian Mango.  I love this look in Mango–curl, color and intriguing grain.  It’s interesting how Mango grown in different environments looks so different.  Hawaiian is much different from Asian and South American.  I flipped the grain pattern on the back so as to get all the cool looks I could out of this interesting set of mango.

Guam and Mango Ukulele

Hawaiian Mango no ka oi!

The Accents:  All Mango.

The NeckHonduran Mahogany.  In the past I’ve used a lot of African Limba to match some of the “greys” in the mango wood but there’s a lot of brown tones in this particular set.  Carbon tone bar of course.

Fret Board and BridgeEbony species.

Guam and Mango Ukulele

Bloody jasper recon stone fret board inlays.

The Rest of the Build


StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”.

Inlays:  fret board, bridge and rosette are all done with Bloody Jasper recon stone.

BindingIndia Rosewood with red/black fiber accents.

Pictographlaser cut.  It would have shown better with a dark back fill but I’ve found it very hard to control bleed into the surrounding wood.

Guam and Mango Ukulele

Bloody jasper head stock inlay and gotoh tuners.

Nut and Saddle:  unbleached bone.

Fret Board Markers:  White MOP.

TunersGotoh open back 15:1.

CaseCrossrock fiberglass.

Guam and Mango Ukulele

Crossrock fiberglass case.


Sounds pretty good.  Most of the all mango instruments have a mid-range quality and plenty of warmth and volume.  Don’t have to bang on this one to make it sing.  This Guam and Mango Ukulele has a voice!