Sapele and Redwood Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

I’m still working.  Just seems slow for some reason.  Here’s the latest to hit the skids.  This is the Sapele and Redwood Tenor Ukulele.  This is a custom build.

Let The Wood Speak For Itself

BodyPomelle Sapele.  This is a super tenor shape with a florentine cut-a-way.

Sapele and Redwood Tenor Ukulele

Highly figured pomelle sapele.

Sound BoardAncient Redwood.  Well most old redwood is ancient.  Each half of this set is 150 years old but I’ll bet the tree was thousands.  I used both Adirondack and Sitka spruces for the bracing.

Sapele and Redwood Tenor Ukulele

Ancient redwood sound board.

Binding and AccentsMasur Birch with black/mustard yellow purfling.

Sapele and Redwood Tenor Ukulele

Masur birch binding and accents.

Fret Board and BridgeBrazilian Rosewood.  Radiused.

NeckHonduran Mahogany with carbon truss rod.

Sapele and Redwood Tenor Ukulele

Sapele and masur birch combo.

The Rest Of The Build

Nut and Saddle:  unbleached bone.

Tuners Gotoh UPT.

Fret Markers:  White MOP.

Sapele and Redwood Tenor Ukulele

Mi-Si amplification.

Strings:  Pepe Romero tenor with wound low G.

Amplification Mi-Si.

CaseCrossrock ABS.


Good combo of low’s and high’s so I think (I hope) I’ve nailed the clients requests.   Redwood is an interesting soundboard–not quite as warm as cedar and not as tight as spruce with just a little bit of bell on the trailing note.   The action is super low and easy to play. Let’s see, a Sa-Sa Sapele and Redwood Tenor Ukulele sa-making me sa-wing!  Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!  New post next week.