Denim Walnut Tenor Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

Here’s the latest to get strings, the Denim Walnut Tenor Ukulele.  This is a standard tenor shape.

denim walnut tenor ukulele

Denim Spruce sound board.

I am using mostly domestic woods for this build inspired by my Port Orford Cedar and Claro Walnut Ukulele .

The Sound Board is Denim Spruce from Alaska Specialty Woods.  I love these naturally colored salvage woods.  No stain here, it’s the real deal.  I also use the same wood for bracing which makes for even a more lively sound board–double killer!

denim walnut tenor ukulele

Colorful, curly Oregon Black Walnut.

The Body is Oregon Black Walnut.  It could be Claro or Bastogne but doesn’t quite look like either.  It does have great color and curl.  There’s a Martin-style mini zipper back strip and lower bout graft.

denim walnut tenor ukulele

Mini zipper lower bout graft.

The neck is California Black Walnut with a Maple/Plum Pudding Bubinga/ Curly Maple lamination.  That Bubinga really pops sandwich between the Maple.

denim walnut tenor ukulele

Walnut, curly Maple and plum pudding Bubinga composite neck.

All the accent woods are Oregon Black Walnut accented with Maple and Black fiber purfling.

The Binding is also Plum Pudding Bubinga–unusual and visually stunning.

denim walnut tenor ukulele

Plum pudding Bubinga binding.

The finger board and bridge are Ebony species.  Pepe Romero Tenor Strings with wound low “G” for this one.  I comes packaged in a cool blue Crossrock ABS case.

denim walnut tenor ukulele

Just another look.

I am liking the more classic guitar-style looks of these alternative wood instruments.  I think they provide great variety both visually and tonally.

For you, a Denim Walnut Tenor Ukulele?