Oregon Black Gold Ukulele - Sold

Just got the strings on this Oregon Black Gold Ukulele.  It’s a super tenor shape.

oregon black gold ukulele

Black Gold Myrtle wood and Canadian Bearclaw Spruce.

The body is Oregon Myrtle wood from Vince at Pacific Coast Woods. I can always count on him for his excellent eye and sawyer skills.  He calls this particular color and figure “Tiger Stripe”.   I call it “Amazing” and one-of-a-kind.

oregon black gold ukulele

Just “Amazing”.

The sound board is Canadian Bear Claw Spruce.  I sometimes have a difficult time trying to match a top to this particular color of myrtle wood.  This spruce top is a little on the yellow-gold side so I think it works.

oregon black gold ukulele

Canadian Bearclaw Spruce soundboard.

The neck is Oregon Bastogne Black Walnut.  This walnut is a hybrid walnut and unfortunately is in short supply everywhere.  I added a stringer of Myrtle to add to the look.  I like this particular walnut for its chocolate marble figure and low density.

oregon black gold ukulele

Bastogne black walnut and Myrtle neck.

The accent wood is Sindora Burl from Asia.  The fret board is  African Ebony.  The bridge is African Blackwood.  I’m not sure of the name of the recon stone for the sound hole rosette and lower bout graft–it’s golden and has fine black lines in it like the turquoise that I also use.  The binding is ebony with a golden dyed maple and black fiber.

oregon black gold ukulele

Sindora Burl accents.

I am using Pepe Romero fluorocarbon strings with wound low “G”=big and warm.  The strings aren’t stretched in yet so that is my initial impression.

If you’re into Myrtle then this Oregon Black Gold Ukulele might be  for you.