Swiss Plum Pudding Ukulele - Sold

This is the Swiss Plum Pudding Ukulele.  It’s a standard tenor.  This one has it all.

swiss plum pudding ukulele

African plum pudding bubinga back and sides.

You got your Swiss Moon Spruce sound board.  By now you should all know the story of this unique and exclusive wood.

swiss plum pudding ukulele

Swiss Moon sound board.

You got your Plum Pudding African Bubinga back and sides.   I’ve never seen this figure or color in Bubinga.  This is the African rosewood.  The figure is totally rare.  Thanks to Hearne Hardwoods for this set.

swiss plum pudding ukulele

Can’t get enough of this curly wood.

You got your curly Koa Binding.  Browns and curls are a natural for this instrument.

swiss plum pudding ukulule

Plum pudding bubinga and curly koa–OMG!

You got your Black Walnut neck with plum pudding stringer.  I accented the stringer with Maple.

Black walnut with plum pudding and maple stringer.

You got your Sindora Burl back strap.  This is from Asia.  I thought it was an interesting match to the Bubinga.

swiss plum pudding ukulele

Asian Sindora burl back strap.

You got your Blood Jasper recon-stone rosette and lower bout graft.  Thanks to Rescue Pearl for this material.

swiss plum pudding ukulele

Blood jasper recon-stone rosette.

Is that enough?  The fret board and bridge are brownish, Asian Munn Ebony.  For a change, I used Fremont blacks on this one with a Romero wound low “G”.  I’m really used to the warmth of the Pepe Romero Strings but found this combo to be really bright and spunky especially with that Swiss Moon top.

swiss plum pudding ukulele

Blood jasper lower bout graft.

Crossrock case included, of course.

I think I should have baked a few more Swiss Plum Pudding Ukulele!