Koa Curls and More - Sold

Here’s the latest uke to finish at the shop–a standard tenor with Koa Curls and More.

koa curls and more

Compression curl Koa sound board.

I think I’m having a bit too much fun now.  I’m using an orphan, compression curl Koa with dramatic sapwood center for the sound board.

koa curls and more

Rift sawn Koa back and sides gives a crinkle curl look.

For the body I’m using a rift sawn Koa.  I have to tell you, I’ve tried to interest no less than 5 clients with this back and side set with no takers.  I was even doubting the quality myself until I applied the first sanding sealer.  Wow!  What a surprise.

koa curls and more

Custom, curly Koa binding.

I’ve started making up my own custom binding and here is an example of some nice curly Koa with sea foam green and black purfling accents.  I don’t usually use so many different cuts and curls on one build but, again, I couldn’t help myself here.

koa curls and more

Mappa burl back strap with black Gotoh tuners.

Wait there’s More:  the accent wood is my new Mappa Burl.

koa curls and more

Green sparkler rosette with green/black purfling accents.

And the rosette is Green Sparkle.  Now, I know, all you can think about is Hello Kitty Pink Sparkle–right?  This actually looks pretty good.  This is my second use of sparkle on a rosette.  It’s more distinctive than gaudy and a great departure from the usual Abalone and Wood.  Just the right amount of flash.

koa curls and more

Blue Crossrock ABS case included. Warm and Cozy.

The standard Gotoh tuners, Pepe Romero Strings (wound low “G”), a  Crossrock Blue ABS case, Honduran Mahogany neck, and an Ebony fret board and bridge.  I think that covers it.

I can’t stand it!  Koa Curls and More.