Koa Lovers Tenor Ukulele - Sold at Hale Ukulele

This new instrument is a Koa Lovers Tenor Ukulele.

Koa lovers tenor ukulele

I love a perfectly matched set of wood but I also like a little variety.  Here I’m using thee different looks of culy Koa wood for the main components of the body. You know,  trying to keep it fresh and fun.  There’s also a bit of inspiration from Maegen Well Guitars.

I used my last piece of this particular, beautiful compression curl Koa from the Big Island of Hawaii for the sound board.


Beautiful compression koa with mango accents.

The back is chocolate compression Koa from the island of Kauai while the blondish curly sides are from Hawaii.

koa lovers tenor ukulele

Chocolate compression koa from Kauai.

All the accents are Hawaiian Mango Wood with turquoise/black purfling accents. I had a little bit of that top wood left for a head stock laminate.

Koa head stock laminate.

The neck is Honduran Mahogany and the fret board and bridge are African Ebony species.  Gotoh tuners and Pepe Romero strings are also a standard on most of my builds.  This tenor is also packaged in a beautiful Hawaiian blue Crossrock case.

Tired of the same’ol, same’ol?  Try a Koa Lovers Tenor Ukulele!