More Myrtle, and….

Here’s a new tenor with a combination of figured, “crotch” Oregon Myrtle for sound board and beeswing African Imbuia (huh!).  I accented the instrument with Oregon curly Maple binding and  black/white herringbone purfling and matching backstrip.  Neck is Oregon Bastogne walnut with an Oregon  curly maple lamination.  Accents are Maidou burl from Vanuatu ( you look it up).   Gotoh 4:1 tuners–Ouch.  This instrument exhibits a silky  tone with great  sustain ( go figure) but still favors a bright pitch even with all flourocarbon low “G” PHD strings  (did I say “fingerstyle”).  I forgot to mention, the bridge and fret board are Madagascar Ebony and it comes with a  Reunion Blues case.  Definitely a one-of-a-kind.    Go Ducks!