Double Puka Koa Tenor

I have built a number of double puka ukes in the past but for some reason they are not high on the list of requests.  I was totally re- motivated after seeing HAPA this year though and thought it was high time to make another.  Here are a couple of pictures from the “shop”.  I didn’t have a chance to pose the instrument since a former client came in and purchased it a day after I put strings on it.  The sound is warm with volume, but so “nahenahe”.  Of course it is all Koa, but this wood  although curly, is low in density.  Binding  is East India Rosewood, and the accents are Vanuatu Maidou Burl. Finger board and bridge are Macassar Ebony.   Strings are Jason Arimoto’s PHD  low “G”  flourocarbond and the tuners are Gotoh 4:1.  The new owner called me back the day after he purchased  this instrument reporting his  pleasure in the sound and ease of playing.    I already have another in the works.