Jaguar Scratch Mahogany Guilele

Guilele or maybe just a parlor size classical guitar? Here’s my first 6 string baritone ukulele–the Jaguar Scratch Mahogany Guilele.

jaguar scratch mahogany guilele

Canadian bearclaw spruce sound board.

The back sides of this instrument are made from a special set of Honduran Mahogany with a figure that has been described as jaguar scratch–the Honduran version of bearclaw figure.  Some vendors  also describe it as “plum pudding”.  Regardless, this stuff doesn’t come around that often.  This particular set of wood has both curl and scratch, making it even more unusual.  It was a dream to work with, bending easily and finishing without incident.

jaguar scratch mahogany guilele

Jaguar scratch back and sides.

The sound board is Canadian Bearclaw spruce.

jaguar scratch mahogany guilele

Matching sound hole rosette.

Not a lot of fancy stuff on this one, just really nice looking wood.

jaguar scratch mahogany guilele

Both curl and scratch figure in this mahogany.

I still used the X-brace in this instrument but with  more reinforcement bracing  than in the usual 4 sting baritone.  I was looking for a vintage, warm sound.  Fortunately, friend and luthier Pepe Romero packages a set of strings specifically for this instrument and this scale–20 inches and tuned E-E.  String tension is good and the sound is  balanced.

With only a couple of building pitfalls,  the first Jaguar Scratch Mahogany Guilele turned out pretty nice!