Myrtle and Walnut Tenor Ukulele - Sold/Hale Ukulele

This alternative wood ukulele is now at Hale Ukulele in San Diego.   The Myrtle and Walnut Tenor Ukulele uses some of my favorite non-Hawaiian woods:  Oregon Myrtle and Oregon Bastogne Walnut.

myrtle and walnut tenor ukulele

Oregon Gold.


myrtle and walnut tenor ukulele

Bastogne Black Walnut–Oregon Chocolate.

Myrtle is unique to southern Oregon or Northern California while Bastogne Walnut is found primarily in Oregon’s Willamette valley.  Both exhibit great color variations and figure.

A little red and black to accent the gold.

Myrtle is about the same density as Hawaiian Koa and has almost the some tonal qualities.  Bastogne Walnut is a bit less dense than Claro Walnut and has tonal qualities than mimic Honduran Mahogany.

Australian Mallee Burl Accents.

The neck is California black walnut with a myrtle lamination. The Australian Mallee Burl accents didn’t hurt the look at all.

Black walnut and myrtle neck.

These woods work easily and the combination makes for an ukulele that is warm, well-balanced, easy to play and an eye-catcher in the crowd–not a bad combination.

I never get tired of a Myrtle and Walnut Tenor Ukulele.