Mango Tenor Pineapple Ukulele

It’s mango time again.  This new Mango Tenor Pineapple Ukulele is now at Hale Ukulele in San Diego.

mango tenor pineapple ukulele

Black, grey and mustard yellow mixed with a bit of curl.

This ukulele is made out of some of my older sets of mango.  There’s a little bit of black, grey and mustard yellow mixed with a bit of curl.  It seems that no two sets of mango wood ever look the same.

mango tenor pineapple ukulele

Great match with this mango wood.

I didn’t put any bling on this one, just some red and black rope-style purfling.  Done!

Red and black rope-style purfling.

I especially like to use African Limba for the necks of mango wood ukulele because the match is almost perfect, the wood is stable and it is presently readily available.

African black limba neck is a perfect match.

Pepe Romero strings with wound low “G” on this one.  The sound is big, bold and warm.  This seems odd  since the dimensions of the instrument are almost the same as my concert ukulele.   Maybe it’s because the depth is the same as the tenor ukulele and with no waist the added volume is almost equal to that of the tenor.

You can look forward to more mango instruments being finished soon with even more exotic looks.

Another mango tenor pineapple ukulele.  Mango baby!