Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukulele - Sold

I just got strings on this new puppy.  This is the Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukulele.

Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukulele

The 3 “C’s”: cut, color and curl.

The Woods

BodyHawaiian curly Koa.  I’d like to think that I build with some of the most unusual looking woods in the industry.  I believe that this set of koa wood fits that profile and was probably overlooked by some builders because it just didn’t fit that profile of straight and even curl. Maybe the grain pattern was just a bit to wild?  Whatever!  I like it, and it’s a one-of-a-kind.

Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukulele

Krazy curly Koa.

Fret Board and Bridge:  a certain South American rosewood.

NeckHonduran Mahogany with curly mango laminate and carbon truss rod.  Sanded finish and super smooth.

Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukulele

Honduran mahogany with curly mango laminate.

Binding, Rosette, and Accent woodsCurly Hawaiian Mango with black/blue fiber accents.

Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukulele

Curly mango with blue/black fiber accents.

The Rest of the Build

Nut and SaddleUnbleached Bone.

Fret Markers:  White MOP

TunersGotoh UPT

Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukulele

Gotoh UPT’s on curly mango.

CaseCrossrock Fiberglass.

Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukuelle

Crossrock comfort.

StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”


It’s a looker for sure.  I think sound-wise it’s typical of Koa with plenty of brights and good low’s with the wound low “G” sring.  This is a super tenor and with the added volume there is enhanced sustain and volume.

I know, I’m a bit crazy, but I can’t resist these woods–Krazy Koa Kimo Tenor Ukulele.