Longneck Tamarind Concert Ukulele

This is a Longneck Tamarind Concert Ukulele (tenor scale).  My client wanted lots of spalted Tamarind wood so not only did I make the back and sides out of this unusual wood, but the neck as well.  It doesn’t stop there though.  For the top wood we decided on an unusual set of Alaskan Earthtone Cedar.

longneck tamarind concert ukulele

Alaskan High Altitude Cedar Soundboard

Here’s the wood story:  This Alaskan Cedar grows at its northernmost limits.  I’m still not sure of the species.  Apparently, the growth season is so short for this wood that the growth rings are uniformily equal and very small.  I counted at least 44 equal growth rings per inch so I’m guessing that this piece of wood came from a tree that was at least 300 plus years old.  And, this wood was harvested from peat bogs in Alaska.  Who knows the exact age.  It’s an unusual color, a little splotchy and kinda difficult to work with but it is dense and the tap tone is  totally unbelievable!

longneck tamarind concert ukulele

Can you have too much spalted Tamarind Wood?

Using so many different kinds of wood is a little challenging.  There are color matches and tonal matches to work with.

longneck tamarind concert ukulele

Gotta have the Paua Turtle inlay

The bottom line:  this instrument really sings.  I have renewed interest in concert sized instruments and am thinking that my future concerts will  all be long necks.

longneck tamarind concert ukulele

Australian Mallee Burl peg head laminate

Nothing like a Longneck Tamarind Concert Ukulele to satisfy your thirst!