Blond and Blue Tenor Ukulele - Sold

This is my latest “Builder’s Choice” instrument.  I’m calling it the Blond and Blue Tenor Ukulele.  This is a standard tenor shape.


Blond and Blue Tenor Ukulele

That’s some heavy Bearclaw.

The Woods

Back and SidesCentral American  Primavera.  This is a new wood for me.  I’ve been intrigued since I first saw it about 15 years ago.  This is the first time, though, that I have seen the wood with grain and figure.  It’s pretty easy to work and almost without pores.  It also has a very bright tap tone.

Blond and Blue Tenor Ukulele

Figured Central American Primavera.

The TopAlaskan Sitka Spruce.  I picked this particular set of spruce because of it’s low density (note that the growth rings are pretty far apart) and it’s very strong “Bearclaw” figure.

Blond and Blue Tenor Ukulele

Low density Alaskan Bearclaw Spruce soundboard.

The Neck:  another  billet of  Asian, Spalted Tamarind wood.  I mean, what do you match the Primavera with anyway?  Always with the large carbon fiber truss/tone rod.  It’s has a sanded finish for smooth action.

Blond and Blue Tenor Ukulele

Amboyna Burl backstrap accent.

The BindingAmerican Sycamore.  I saw an instrument that I made many years ago with Sycamore binding and it looked absolutely great.  The flecks in the wood had darkened a bit giving it almost a herring bone appearance.  I just had to try it again.

The PurflingDark Blue and Turquoise for the top and back strip, while the sides have dark blue and black.

The Accent WoodAsian Amboyna Burl.

The Headstock:  I think I’m going to keep this pattern for some of my builds.  I like the offset Gotoh Tuners a lot.  I think the tuners are actually easier to access than the standard headstock shape. It’s a thought to go total Fender but I’m thinking that would be just a bit long in the tooth?

Blond and Blue Tenor Ukulele

This head stock shape allows for easier tuning.

Blond and Blue Tenor Ukulele

A snug fit in this blue Crossrock case.

And the Final Word

Not bad.  I think my opinion might be a bit conservative because this puppy really puts out some sound.  I think it’s the low density top; but, without multiple instruments with similar woods I cannot say for sure.  I’ve always liked alternative looks and Blond and Blue makes for a real head turner.