Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele - Sold

Here’s the latest, the Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele.

Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele

Burl wood tenor ukulele custom build by kimo ukulele san diego ca

It’s All About the Wood

Body:  I seriously had to do this!  I’ve had my eye on this Brown, Australian Mallee Burl for about 3 years.  It hadn’t sold because it was a little on the pricey side but I finally sucked it up and made the deal.  It’s very, very difficult to find burl wood that doesn’t have a lot of fractures, voids or punky areas.  This is the best that I’ve been able to find so far.  There are a few small fractures and voids but thanks to Mr. Epoxy they were sealed tight and I believe will not be of any concern in the future.  This is a super tenor shape.

Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele

Book matched burl.

Top: I paired the burl with a straight grained Swiss Moon Spruce braced with Adirondak spruce.

BindingMicro curl Claro Walnut seemed to fit the color spectrum pretty well.  I laminated this with Jade Green maple and black fiber for purfling.

Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele

Micro curl claro walnut binding.

Accent WoodsBlack andWhite ebony for back strip.  Mallee burl for the rest including the rosette and head stock.

Fret Board and Bridge:   I’m a sick puppy!  This is Thuja Burl.  It’s actually Cedar of Lebanon.  It’s extremely fragrant and much harder than the western cedars that you might be acquainted with.  I had it stabilized by Kevin at Woods From the West and further stabilized with acrylic to harden the surface more and bring out the beautiful colors and burl.  This is the second time I have used this wood for this purpose and so far (fingers crossed) it seems to be holding up okay.  Standard 1 3/8″ nut width.

Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele

Thuja Burl fret board and bridge.

Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele

Stabilized Thuja Burl fretboard.

NeckHonduran Mahogany with claro walnut lamination and internal carbon truss rod.  Sanded finish.

The Rest of the Build

Head Stock:  You just can’t beat mother nature for beauty.  I took a piece of the Mallee burl sap wood live edge and added a bit of black epoxy to fill the bill.  The result is–well, not bad!

Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele

Mallee burl and black epoxy.

TunersGotoh UPT.

Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele

Gotoh UPT’s on mallee burl backstrap.

Nut and Saddle:  unbleached bone stained brown.

StringsPepe Romero flourocarbon with wound low “G”.

CaseCrossrock Fiberglass in black and bordello red.

Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele

Crossrock safe.


I like it.  This is my kind of instrument fun.   The sound, in my opinion, is classic Kimo.  It’s full and responsive with balanced tonal qualities.  Not surprising, the burl wood didn’t have a striking tap tone so I’m thinking that the Swiss Moon with the Adirondak bracing are most responsible.  It also has plenty of warmth and volume which appeals to my ear and my  finger-style playing.

Maybe you should tell Santa about the Burl Wood Tenor Ukulele?