Turquoise Mango Tenor Ukulele

Sometimes my clients drag me kicking and screaming out of comfort zone.  This ukulele, the Turquoise Mango Tenor Ukulele, is an example.

mango tenor ukulee

New Mango from Kamuela Hardwoods.

The mango wood I obtained from Kamuela Hardwoods on the big island early this year.  I’ve got a bunch and so far all the sets are showing something different and unusual.

Reconstituted stone rosette

Reconstituted turquoise stone rosette.

My client asked for a turquoise rosette.   Okay, this is not the usual.  To my surprise, my abalone supplier, Rescue Pearl, actually offers this reconstituted stone product along with many others and was able to cut pieces for the rosette as well.  This reconstituted stone really pops!  What a great new look to accent some really nice curly mango.

Reconstituted turquoise stone back strip and lower bout heal graft.

Game on!  I had to add a turquoise back strip and lower bout heal graft as well.

Another request was for this unusual side port.  I’m not sure it allowed sound to escape the instrument as well as the single elliptical  cutout that I have been using for many years but it sure looks unique.

Custom side sound port.

I added turquoise fret board markers as well to balance the appearance.

Of course, all the mango instruments sound as good as they look.

This Turquoise Mango Tenor Ukulele won’t be the last for sure.