turquoise mango tenor ukulele

Turquoise Mango Tenor Ukulele

Sometimes my clients drag me kicking and screaming out of comfort zone.  This ukulele, the Turquoise Mango Tenor Ukulele, is an example. The mango wood I obtained from Kamuela Hardwoods on the big island early this year.  I've got a…
turquoise mango tenor ukulele

Kaleidoscope Mango

Actually this is heavily spalted, curly Hawaiian Mango.  This appearance comes with decomposition of the wood.  Spalting can be a highly desirable characteristic because of the unique appearances it can create; but, too much of a good…
turquoise mango tenor ukulele

Mango Me Baby More!

Yowza!  Here's another mango tenor uke--same wood as in Mango Me Baby.   Asymmetric sound hole, side concert sound hole, good figure and color in the mango but with my plumeria sound board inlay.  It's interesting, but I really think that…