Holiday Fare #1

To be delivered to Hale Ukulele no later than December 3rd is this super tenor ukulele–Holiday Fare #1.

holiday fare #1

Mexican Granadillo fret board and bridge accent this woodsy Koa look.

All Koa, very woodsy, light curl.  I added the maple/mahogany herringbone accents because it just really worked well with this set of Koa–a vintage look.

Maple and Mahogany herringbone purfling really goes well with this Koa.

It’s pretty much a standard build.  Ric has asked for both standard and upgrade models but has left the details to me as usual.  I let the wood speak to me most of the time and then take it from there.  Most of my “standard builds” are not really standard.  There’s always something fun added.  Sound-wise they match most every comparable instrument in the field.

A little sap wood, subtle curl and Koa chatoyance.

The accent wood on this ukulele is Asian Sindora burl.  It’s a new one for me.  Never heard of it until a good friend and client offered me a chunk for future builds.  It matches the Koa pretty well I think.

Asian Sindora burl backstrap with Gotoh UPT tuners.

I used Mexican Granadillo for the fret board and bridge.  Not widely heard of, this wood has an excellent tap tone and oxidizes to a dark brick color with time.  As ebony stocks dwindle,  alternative woods such as this provide excellent alternatives.  The Granadillo pares with this set of Koa nicely.

Holiday Fare #1–Koa and Granadillo. Can’t wait to show you the next!