Honu Tenor Ukulele

Recently delivered is Sara’s Honu Tenor Ukulele.  Blond, curly Koa and Blue Paua abalone are the highlights for sure, but Larry Robinson’s “Honu” head stock inlay in bronze mother-of-pearl is the icing-on-the-cake.

honu tenor ukulele with blue paua abalone and blond curly koa by kimo ukulele san diego ca

Blond, curl Koa and blue Paua abalone.

honu tenor ukulele with larry robinson honu inlay in bronze mother of pearl by kimo ukulele san diego ca

Larry Robinson’s “Honu” in broze mother-of-pearl.

I added Sara’s initials on the fret board in white mother-of-pearl.  Since I wanted a totally black finger board, I used a new manufactured ebony imported by Luthiers Mercantile.  This material manufactured in England is made from wood, totally black, and works and sounds like real ebony.  I really don’t like to stain wood!

honu tenor ukulele with custom initials on fret board by kimo ukulele san diego ca

Owner’s initials on fret board in white mother-of-pearl.

The accent wood is Australian Mallee burl.

honu tenor ukulele with australian mallee burl accents by kimo ukulele san diego ca

Australian Mallee Burl wood accents.

Amplification by Mi-Si.

honu tenor ukulele with mi-si amplification by kimo ukulele san diego ca

Mi-Si Amplification.

The Honu Tenor Ukulele was a fun project for a great Texas musician.