Willy’s Baritone Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

Here’s another example of my new baritone shape.  This is Willy’s Baritone Ukulele.


Willy's Baritone Ukulele

The whole package.

It’s all about the wood.

BodyBrazilian Rosewood.  Really old!

Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Brazilian with pomelle sapele backstrip.

Sound BoardFort Ross Redwood.  This set has some darker material favored by Willy.

Willy's Baritone Ukulele

That’s a Fort Ross redwood soundboard.

Fret Board and BridgeEbony species.  15 frets to the body and 21″ scale. 1 7/16″ nut.

NeckHonduran Mahogany.  Carbon truss rod, of course.

Accent WoodPomelle Sapele.  I used this wood for all the accents with the exception of the head stock face and the rosette.

Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Fuchsia/black fiber accents.

The rest of the build.

TunersGotoh open back guitar-style  15::1.

Willy's Baritone Ukulele

It’s a vintage guitar look.


CaseCrossrock ABS.

StringsOasis Baritone Linear.

Head Stock InlayDa keelah whale in black and white MOP.

Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Da keelah whale inlay.

PurflingFuchsia/black fiber.  The colors really went well with these woods.

Does size matter?

Willy's Baritone Ukulele

Size matters.

You bet it does.  Here’s a photo of this instrument next to a new super tenor shape.  I didn’t have a standard baritone to compare with.  You can see there is substantial size differential.  The increase in volume, shape and bridge placement make for an almost guitar-sized instrument in voice, sustain and tonal complexity.


I’m totally ruined.  It might be the wood, but I think it’s the package that make this instrument such a delight to play.  I think Willy is in total agreement as well.   He’s a slack key guy so initially I tuned to “G”.  He plays with some other tunings including a “C” tuning that I’ve not heard of.   Wow, did I get sucked into that one.  I’ve got to look around for some low tension strings that I might even be able to use for a GCEA tuning.  No matter how I tuned it or played it, Willy’s Baritone Ukulele is a winner.