Tasmanian Devil

Here is an ukulele just recently finished and made of Tasmanian Blackwood (Koa’s relative from the southern hemisphere).  Although not yet strung up, I believe that this instrument will offer a crisp but full sound.  The wood is a bit denser than Koa but with an excellent, bright tap tone and sustain.  I have made other instruments from this same wood and they have all been very pleasant to the ear.

The binding is East India Rosewood with rope-style purfling and matching back strip.  The finger board and bridge are Macassar Ebony.  This is a shop instrument so tuners, strings and case will be per new owners request.  Accents are Oregon Curly Maple.  Neck is African Mahogany and has a soft “C” shape that I am becoming increasingly fond of.

Tasmanian Devils are not yet extinct.