Redwood Walnut Long Neck Concert Ukulele

Here’s a Redwood Walnut Long Neck Concert Ukulele delivered the week before last.   An unusual combination of woods, by request, that worked better than I expected.

redwood walnut long neck concert ukulele

Salvaged “sinker” redwood sound board

The most notable component of this instrument is a salvage “sinker” redwood sound board  from a new supply just received from my Myrtle Wood supplier in southern Oregon.  This is actually the first time I have used this wood.  I have salvage old growth redwood in my supply but it is not “sinker”.  Usually I do not mind the visual distresses found in salvaged wood (spalt, bug holes, discoloration–bring’em) but this wood does show a mottling that I did not favor.  After sanding and retreating the wood a couple of times, I realized that the appearance was not going to change.  I inspected a duplicate set and found the appearance, although less noticeable unfinished, to be the same.   I was appreciative that the client was accepting.  Wood!

redwood walnut long neck concert ukulele

Curly, colorful Oregon Bastogne Walnut

The back and sides are Oregon Bastogne Walnut.  If  you follow my site, you know that I have favored this wood in the past for small body instruments. I have no problem at all using alternative woods for sound boards.  This is just one example.  I like this set of walnut for it’s variety of colors, curl, and medium density.

redwood walnut long neck concert ukulele

Washbur style back strip

The instrument has a “17” inch tenor scale.  Fortunately this did not put the bridge too far out of the  sweet spot on the sound board even at 14 frets to the body.  I was reluctant at first but, once again, it worked better than expected and this little instrument puts out a sound that is equal to many tenor ukulele.

redwood walnut long neck concert ukulele

Australian Mallee Burl accents

Additions to the build were Honduran Mahogany neck, India Rosewood binding with black/white fiber purfling,  Australian Mallee Burl accents, radiused finger board and bridge of Macassar Ebony and Mi-Si undersaddle pick-up.

A redwood walnut long neck concert ukulele with great sound.  Wood!