Om Shanti Tenor Ukulele

Here is a fun project, the Om Shanti Tenor Ukulele.  It’s a standard tenor shape not the super size “J” that I have made so many of lately.

om shanti tenor ukulele

Wild and crazy curly Mango.

The request was for Mango.  This is the second instrument that I have made from mango I received from Kamuela Hardwoods on the Big Island of Hawaii earlier this year.   Can’t beat mango for some wild and crazy looks!

om shanti tenor ukulele

White and black Limba is always a good neck match with mango.

Also requested were turquoise accents and blue paua abalone purfling.

A feast of grain patterns and color.

Mi-Si pick-up–check

The “Om” turquoise inlay on the neck is by Craig Lavin.

I added, a turquoise back strip,turquoise fret markers, black palm wood and a white Limba neck to balance the look.

Black palm wood accents.

The sound is typical for mango, I think, with a strong and mid-range voice especially with the Romero low “G” strings.

Turquoise “recon stone” backstrip.

Om Shanti Tenor Ukulele ya’ll!   Here’s to a great New Year.