Bear and Rose Tenor Ukulele

I don’t use the classic woods of guitar very often.  This is because of the demand for ukuleles made with the traditional wood– Koa.  This Bear and Rose Tenor Ukulele, a custom request, gets me back to tradition.

bear and rose tenor ukulele

Busy, bearclaw sitka soundboard.

The back and sides are old growth India Rosewood from Allied Lutherie.  Even though India Rosewood is on the CITIES restricted list, I understand that it is presently readily available and abundant.  Managed forestry–yes!  I’ll admit that I really like the color and I can use almost any alternative top for visual appeal.  This rosewood also exhibits a classic bell-like tap tone.  These instruments are very vocal.

bear and rose tenor ukulele

Old growth India Rosewood back and sides–classic!

The top is a busy, bear claw sitka spruce from Alaska Specialty Woods.  This product is salvage from downed trees.  I like the bear claw mainly for its visual impact.  I’m happy when a client is in the “fun” mode.  This particular wood also fills the bill for tonal quality and exhibits a tap tone very similar to engelmann or lutz spruce.   No two bear claw tops have been the same so I don’t get too bored building with this unique wood.

Bad, bad bear! Bloody Jasper rosette.

The soundhole rosette and back strip are made from Bloody Jasper reconstituted stone.  Cool!

The neck is made from figured ambrosia maple that I procured from Hearne Hardwoods back east–another fun aspect of the build.  The neck is probably one of the widest that I have made for a 4-stringed instrument and measured at almost 1 3/4″.

bear and rose tenor ukulele

Ambrosia maple neck.

Lastly the accent wood is African Zebra Wood.

Hey, that’s it for the Bear and Rose Tenor Ukulele.  I wonder if there is a Bear and Rose Pub in England?