Sweet Mango Tenor Ukulele

It is mango season–it’s always mango season!  Here’s the latest instrument to clear the shop.  This is the Sweet Mango Tenor Ukulele.

sweet mango tenor ukulele

Curly, quilty, marbly, chocolaty mango wood.

I keep thinking that the reconstituted stone rosette is apricot in color but I think it’s actually mango.   They are pretty close in color anyway.  It’s just not screaming orange.  For some reason the color really makes this wood pop.  There are yellows and subtle oranges mixed in with all those wonderful chocolates and greys.

mango wood ukulele

What a match.

Some might call this chocolate heart mango but I’m giving up on the exotic names.  It’s just really pretty.  This wood was salvaged from the island of Hawaii early last year from Kamuela Hardwoods.  How lucky am I.

cholcolate heart mango wood

A no make up close up.

Okay, the neck is African Black Limba and this mahogany-like wood is a perfect match for mango most of the time.  For accents I am using both the reconstituted stone and some California Claro Walnut.  The fret board and bridge are chocolate brown, Asian Munn Ebony.

for sale ukulele

African black limba neck is a perfect match.

I like all the woods but I never get tired of looking at mango and this  Sweet Mango Tenor Ukulele is no exception.

sweet mango tenor ukulele

The finger board and bridge are chocolate colored, Asian Munn Ebony.

If you are lusting for a taste of the tropics then this ukulele might be the answer.