Black and White Ebony Ukulele

Yikes! It’s almost Christmas.  Here’s a Black and White Ebony Ukulele finished just in time. This is a super tenor shape.

Black and White Ebony Ukulele

Black and White Ebony and extremely heavy bear claw spruce.

It’s All About the Wood

Back and Sides: Asian Black and White Ebony.  This is one tough wood to work with.  It’s difficult to cut, dry and bend. It is very prone to cracking.  It is pretty though, takes a finish very well and has a very reflective tonal quality.

Black and White Ebony Ukulele

Black and White Ebony back and sides.

Sound Board:  Alaska bear claw Sitka Spruce.  Most of my sets from Alaska with this figure have pretty wide growth rings. It’s odd but I like the tone of these woods for ukulele as opposed to the tight grained stuff.

Black and White EbonyUkulele

Alaskan bear claw Sitka Spruce.

Neck:  No solid billets of spalted Tamarind Wood left, so I did some lamination with left-overs from previous builds.  The colors of the tamarind match the colors of the black and white ebony perfectly.  Sanded finish.

Black and White Ebony Ukuele

Spalted tamarind wood laminated neck.

Accent Woods:  Black and White Ebony all the way.

Black and White Ebony Ukulele

Black and white enony accents.

Fret Board and Bridge: Yup, more black and white ebony.  I did bind the fret board for appearance.  I’m finding with some of these exotic wood builds that using the same wood, if available, for the accent pieces looks pretty appealing.

Binding:  Richlite Ebony with maple/black purfling.

The Rest of the Build

Strings:  Pepe Romero in high “G”.

TunersGotoh UPT.

Nut and Saddle:  unbleached Bone.

Peg Head InlayKiller Whale in black and white MOP.  I am using the “old” peg head shape here (by request) in order to accommodate the inlay in this position.

Black and White Ebony Ukulele

Killer whale inlay in black and white MOP.


I prefer low “G” tuning but this instrument sings.  I did adjust the nut slot for both combinations.   I’m sure that the reflective qualities of the ebony are helping with projection here.  Feels good, looks good and sounds good.  I guess that’s what a Black and White Ebony Ukulele should be.

Wishing you all my best for this season and next.  Happy Holidays!

Da Kimo