How many sound holes: Part 3

OMG!  My client wanted an alternative sound hole arrangement for his new 6 string ukulele.  Who am I to say no!  Not only did he request three sound holes for his left handed uke,  but he wanted all the possible wood combinations he could get in one instrument  (black walnut neck, koa sound board, curly walnut sides, curly maple back,  Macassar ebony fret board and bridge complimented with curly koa binding and paua abalone purfling top and back, plus custom artwork–WHOA!).  Who am I to say no!  DON’T FORGET: NO RULES IN UKULELE.  So whether or not this appeals to you it actually turned out to be interesting, attractive and very pleasing to the ear.  So have at it!

Oh, I almost forgot, this is pro surfer Guy Takayama’s oversized tenor design.  It worked really well with this instrument.

Three sound holes--this is a lefty. Curly Koa top.

Spalted, curly maple back with custom laser cut logo. Curly basilone black walnut sides. Black walnut neck.

Gotoh mini guitar tuners--stealth black, Cusom head stock inlay