Moonlight Mango Concert

Now at Hale Ukulele, the Moonlight Mango Concert.  This really nifty set of Mango Wood was passed over by a potential client a couple of months ago and I immediately snatched it up for myself.  I didn’t even know that I had it until I dug it out of the Mango stacks.   I’m really glad that he wasn’t interested because I knew it would make a great looking concert ukulele.

moonlight mango concert

Moonlight mango concert ukulele

There are a lot of colors and a little bit of curl in this wood.  The color is not atypical for Mango–moonlight greys with some subtle yellows and muted reds.

moonlight mango concert

Lots of muted, mango colors and figure

moonlight mango concert

Abalone and fuschia fiber purfling

I decided to add an African Black Limba neck to the build and then accented all with some Asian Satin Wood Burl.  Abalone Purfling and Rosette, fuschia/black fiber accents, India Rosewood Binding  and Ebony finger board and bridge round out the build.

moonlight mango concert

Asian Satin Wood Burl backstrap, Limba neck

I used D’Addario Nyltech, high “G” on this instrument instead of my usual low “G” combinations.  This instrument has a standard concert scale, but in the future I’m going to build more concerts with tenor scales.  I was just adding strap buttons to a client’s tenor scale concert yesterday (mango and high “G” as well) and was impressed again with the bright sound of these smaller instruments with high “G” strings.

Moonlight Mango Concert!