Mango Makau Pineapple Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

I guess March Mango Madness is not quite over.  Here’s the latest from the shop, the Mango Makau Pineapple Ukulele.

mango makau pineapple ukulele

It’s still march mango madness.

A different look in Hawaiian Mango from the last post.  This instrument sports a more stacked curl but still presents lots of lovely chocolate hues.  This wood probably comes from the same tree as the last.  You can see how much Mango wood can change in appearance in just one tree.

mango makau pineapple ukulele

Curly, chocolate heart Hawaiian Mango wood.

I like the request for turquoise recon stone rosette and purfling accents.  I added a lower bout graft accent in this material as well as fret markers and a Makau inlay at the 10th fret.  Good visual balance.

The neck is African Limba with a Mango lamination.  The Backstrap and heal accents are also figured Mango wood.

mango makau pineapple ukulele

Mango wood back strap, Limba neck with mango lamination.

African Ebony Fret Board (15 frets to the body), Pepe Romero low “G” strings and Gotoh UPT tuners finish the build.

mango makau pineapple ukulele

Mango wood and turquoise Makau at the 10th fret.

As noted before, even though this “tenor” uke is about the same size as a standard concert uke, the volume is about the same as my standard tenor.  The result is a compact instrument with approximately the same voice as a tenor.

There you go.  Mango Makau Pineapple Ukulele madness.