Double Puka Koa Ukulele - Sold

This is a new Double Puka Koa Ukulele.  This is a standard shape and there is no side port.  The double puka, in my opinion, screams Hawaiian.

Double Puka Koa Ukuele

Classic double puka look.

It’s All About The Wood

Body:  Figured Koa.  This set was provided by the client.  I wish that my pictures really showcased this beautiful set better since it has about every figure and color imaginable.  It displays a totally different look and chatoyance from every angle viewed.  This might be a little wild and crazy for some by we find it Beautiful!

Double Puka Koa Ukulele

Wild figure and grain.

Binding:  Masur Birch with Paua Abalone purfling and blue/black fiber accents.

Double Puka Koa Ukulele

Paua abalone purfling with blue/black accents.

Neck:  Honduran Mahogany with carbon truss rod.

Accent Wood:  Masur Birch.

Fret Board:  Ebony species with whale inlay in black and white MOP.

Double Puka Koa Ukulele

Whale fret board inlay with black and white MOP.

The Rest Of The Build

Strings:  Pepe Romero with wound low “G”.

Tuners:  Gotoh UPT.

Double Puka Koa Ukulele

Masur birch accents with Gotoh UPT tuners.

Case:  Crossrock ABS.

Nut and Saddle:  stained, unbleached bone.


You might be asking why I didn’t add the side sound port as I have on most of these double puka designs. Originally, I did not add the side port to any of the double puka’s since the top sound hole was already so close to the player.  I felt that the addition of the side port was a bit overkill and also not as esthetically pleasing as I would like.  Honestly, it’s a toss-up on theses builds so I asked for guidance from the client.   The sound of these instruments is typically koa and ukulele.  The fact that the sound holes have been moved north does make for a more active sound board so there’s plenty of volume and good response to light touch.

Double Puka Koa Ukulele=Double fun!