Hale Holiday Fare 4

Another new tenor pineapple.  This is Hale Holiday Fare 4.   This instrument is now at Hale Ukulele .

hale holiday fare 4

Dark chocolate Koa.

Ric asked for another tenor pineapple for the shop.  This one is all Koa–no abalone, no inlays just Koa.

I like green as the purfling and rosette colors.

hale holiday fare 4

The neck is a composite of California Black Walnut and Hawaiian Koa.  I think the Walnut goes well with this darker Koa.   I am looking for reasonable wood alternatives to the standard Honduran Mahogany for necks.  Most of these woods are harder and more difficult to shape but very attractive.   There is a lot of domestic hardwood being cut from unproductive trees now–this California Black Walnut is just one example.  In the past, I think, most of this wood was cut and burned.hale holiday fare 4

Black Walnut and Koa composite neck.The accent wood is African Zebra Wood.

African Zebra Wood accents.

I changed the top bracing just a tiny bit on this new instrument.  The result is an even bigger sound than I expected.  I think I may continue this change on the next pineapple ukulele to see if the change will be a keeper.

Hale Holiday Fare 4.  Number 5 is next.