Five String Super Tenor Ukulele

A rare (well maybe not that rare) alternative string combination is this new Five String Super Tenor Ukulele.

five string super tenor ukulele

Alaskan bear claw spruce sound board.

five string super tenor ukulele

Heavy bear claw figure. Bad, bad bear!

The project started as a standard build, the only request being a wider than average neck.  The  Koa back and sides were first selected and then a very highly figured Alaskan, bear claw spruce top was added to compliment.  This particular set of koa is not the curliest, but is it pretty–lots of chatoyance, color and figure variety.   I get these unusual but striking sets from Hearne Hardwoods,  and I refer to them as sets that the big named builders won’t purchase–yes, really!

five string super tenor ukulele

Really dramatic koa back and sides

I decided to go with a California black walnut neck and added some locally salvaged Melaleuca  both for visual appeal and also to add width to the black walnut blank.

Black walnut and melaleuca neck.

The accent wood is Asian Sindora burl.  The binding is India Rosewood with red and black fiber accents and the finger board and bridge are ebony species.   Romero high “G” strings are a perfect fit with the addition of a wound low “G”.

Gotoh tuners and Asian Sindora burl.

Well, there you go.   Five won’t get you ten, only a whole lot of fun!