Dark Star Concert Ukulele - Sold

Here’s the latest new instrument, the Dark Star Concert Ukulele.   This is a long neck or tenor scaled instrument with a concert sized body.


dark star concert ukulele

Dark Koa body.

I’ve horded this beautiful set of  curly Koa from Hearne Hardwoods for a few years now and finally made a decision on how to utilize it.

dark star concert ukulele

Great Koa matching top back and sides.

I’ve been motivated by my experiments with alternative purfling materials and on this instrument I am using a larger substrate sparkle/glitter.  I am more than pleased with the result.  It’s like purple diamonds.  Again, this material is much more subtle than you might expect.   The stars or diamonds just keep the eye focused with their ever changing color and pattern–even in the dark.  It’s a killer under the lights.  I tried to get a decent video but the colors just weren’t accurate.

dark star concert ukulele

Purple diamond purfling.

That’s pretty much it.  I used Maple Burl for the accent areas.  The neck is Honduran Mahogany.  The fret board and bridge are African Ebony.

dark star concert ukulele

Maple burl accents.

It’s a concert, so not as much volume as a standard tenor but already showing signs of being a very strong contender.  The strings are Pepe Romero Tenor with wound low “G”.  A Crossrock case is included.

Purple Diamonds is another possibility but Dark Star Concert Ukulele works best for me.  You?