Stray Cat Special Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

Pat is the lead for San Diego group The Stray Cat’s and this is his new instrument–the Stray Cat Special Ukulele.

stray cat special ukulele

Amazing chatoyant Koa.

The Koa for this ukulele was picked not so much for it’s color or grain but for the extreme chatoyance of it’s curly figure.  It’s a chameleon for sure since in some indirect light conditions it looks kinda plain.  Well, under any kind of direct light it just goes crazy on fire.  So, if Pat isn’t on key his singing, his ukulele will surely keep the audience enthralled.

stray cat special ukulule

Flitch matched top, back and sides.

Pat asked for glitz so I am using blue Paua Abalone for the purfling and sound hole rosette.  Best to band it with plain black fiber to really show the color of the abalone.  For the side and back purfling I am using turquoise blue fiber.  My dark blue fiber is a little to subtle.

stray cat special ukulele

Turquoise blue purfling for sides and back.

Yes, gotta have that Hawaiian Makau on the finger board in Paua Abalone.  And, of course, Pat’s name in white mother-of-pearl on the lower sound board to finish.

stray cat special ukulele

Hawaiian makau on the finger board.

There is a modulated Mi-Si pick-up inside but this instrument doesn’t need a lot of amplification except on stage.  It’s already got a big, bold sound and the Pepe Romero low “G” strings aren’t even played in yet.

Hopefully the Stray Cat Special Ukulele will provide Pat years of performance fun and audience satisfaction.