Classy Long Neck Concert Ukulele - Custom Build-Sold

This is one Classy Long Neck Concert Ukulele.

Classy Long Neck Concert Ukulele

Balance in exotic woods.

The Woods

The Back and Sides are Mexican Ziricote.  This wood was sourced by the client from a wood carving artist of note.  It’s very old.  I made a couple in the distant past but forgot how easily it worked.   BUT, don’t ask for more since I am particularly sensitive to the dust of this lovely wood.  This is the last.

Classy Long Neck Concert Ukulele

Mexican Ziricote body.

The Sound Board is Ancient Sitka Spruce.  You probably already know this is 3000 year old carbon dated wood from an Alaskan Glacier.  This is probably the finest piece from this source that I have had to date.

Classy Long Neck Concert Ukulele

Ancient Sitka Spruce sound board.

The Neck is California Black Walnut.  I really had trouble deciding on neck wood but opted for this because the colors match closely those of the Sound Board.  I added a Bloodwood and white fiber lamination for a bit of visual interest.

Classy Long Neck Concert Ukulele

Caliornia Black Walnut neck.

The Binding, Fret Board and Bridge are also Bloodwood.  It’s different for sure but for some reason, I think, it works and is pretty classy if not a rarity in the instrument world. It is a bit more red than in the pictures and will only get darker red with time.  It doesn’t lose it’s color.  Bloodwood has a tap tone that, to me, is reminiscent of Brazilian Rosewood.  It is from Central America.

Classy Long Neck Concert Ukulele

Blood Wood Binding and Ziricote.

The Accent woods are Hawaiian Mango.  Again, the coloration to match the top wood and neck.

The Rest of the Build

Pepe Romero flourocarbon strings with wound low “G”.   Crossrock ABS case.  Gotoh Black UPT tuners with black tulip knobs.  Bone nut and saddle.   I think that covers the bill.  The Sound is “concert bright” and well balanced with good sustain.

I think there might be more than one Classy Long Neck Concert Ukulele coming in the future.  Stay tuned!