Hula Hips Redux

Here is a Hula Hips tenor–overall dimensions the same as the tenor except for the lower bout which is 10 1/4 inches.  The result adds a ton of volume to the instrument, resulting in a lower pitch with more volume and sustain.  I used a classic combination of curly Claro Walnut and a low density curly Koa top to compliment.  The neck is Oregon black walnut and the finger board and bridge are African Ebony species.  Binding is east India Rosewood and the accents are Indonesian Maidou burl. Amplification is MiSi under saddle piezo.   Strings are PHD low “G”.   So nahenahe!

10/21/2014  Mike wrote:  . . . “just amazed all over again at how beautiful and mellow my uke sounds.  Its still in great shape after a couple hundred hours of playing and a lot of travel this summer.  I feel truly fortunate to have it.”  Thanks, Mike!  I’m tryin’.