Ancient Spruce and Bubinga Super Tenor Ukulele

An unusual combination of woods with a big warm sound, this is the Ancient Spruce and Bubinga Super Tenor Ukulele.  The client really wanted something different in appearance and his personal selection of these woods definitely added some excitement to the build.  The Alaskan ancient spruce sound board came from Alaska Specialty Woods.  It is harvested from the base of a melting glacier and carbon dated for authenticity.  The grey/brown color of the wood comes with age.

ancient spruce and bubinga super tenor ukulele

Ancient spruce sound board, Bubinga rosette and Ziricote finger board

I’m not sure the pictures do this super tenor ukulele justice, but the grey of the ancient spruce and the red/browns of the African bubinga really look pretty exotic and sultry.  I added red/black fiber to accent the India Rosewood binding.

ancient spruce and bubinga super tenor ukulele

Paisley African Bubinga back and sides

The fret board is Mexican ziricote and the neck is old growth salvaged redwood.   Redwood is not a conventional neck wood, but I have used it several times before with good results.  I think the fact that I put a huge bar of really high grade carbon fiber into the neck helps in many ways.  These necks are really light in weight but very strong.

I like the Asian Satin Wood Burl for the accent areas.

ancient spruce and bubinga super tenor ukulele

Asian Satin Wood burl accents

I’m doing a lot more wood rosettes this year, especially on the super tenors with more conventional tone wood tops.  The matching bubinga rosette accented with red/black on this instrument really did it good.

I’m more than a few instruments behind in posts, so I’ll be putting more on soon. Hope you enjoyed this one!