How many sound holes: Part 1

If you have followed some of my commentary you will see that I have have posted pictures of many instruments with asymmetric and multiple sound holes.  For those individuals who think that I only make instruments of this configuration, let me put minds at ease.  Here are four instruments with conventional sound hold configuration.



I can’t say that I am convinced that the single sound hole is the ultimate in instrument design.  Originally, my move toward sound holes in the upper bout was to free as much sound board as possible for interaction with string movement and vibration.  This is a small instrument and, in my opinion,  needs as much help as possible in this area.   Another reason, was just to create an instrument that was unique in appearance.  It’s all been done before, I didn’t create anything new, I just like the instrument response with these alternate configurations.  I’ll add more to this discussion in my next addition.